Uniting the global sporting community’s efforts to protect vulnerable children and young people in the aftermath of Covid-19


Sport for Good Response Fund


The Sport for Good Response Fund is now closed for applications. Should more funding be made available, we will reopen the fund for new applications.
The Sport for Good Response Fund has been able to support more than 60 organisations across the world with grants to meet challenges related to the secondary effects of the pandemic and public health restrictions.
Thank you to the hundreds of organisations who applied. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we will not be able to reply to all, and we will not be able to provide feedback on all applications. Only applicants receiving a grant will be contacted directly.


In the current crisis, vulnerable children and young people risk being left behind. Organisations are having to close their doors, leaving many without the safe and inclusive spaces to find help and support that are usually provided by programmes and their partners. Whilst people from all backgrounds are being affected by the virus, many of the world’s most vulnerable groups face challenges that have been compounded overnight. For some of the 2.34 billion children currently under some form of confinement due to COVID-19, this increases their risk of exposure to violence, including sexual abuse, exploitation and challenges to their mental health.  
The Sport for Good Response Fund launches with grant funding and in-kind support already committed by partners including Laureus Sport for Good, Comic Relief US, LA84 Foundation, Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation and Beyond Sport Foundation. These organisations are collectively calling on the wider sporting industry to join us in uniting the sporting world to raise further funds to support the amazing sport for development and community sports organisations that care for millions of children around the world.
The Sport for Good Response Fund aims to ensure that Sport for Development programmes can continue in times of crisis and that vital new channels to young people can be created to ensure that they get the support they need both now and when we begin to emerge from this pandemic. We are calling on the world’s sporting community to join this collaborative movement to use their power and influence in a united way to support the sector that in turn supports so many.
We’re already seeing worrying rises in the very issues that the sport for development sector works to address, for example:


Laureus Sport for Good will manage the central fund and receive donations from funding partners and/or individuals.  The Fund's partners will also provide extensive in-kind support as well as the funding available. For example, organisations will be able to apply for strategic support from Beyond Sport, while LA84 Foundation will be amongst the organisations investing in research to ensure the Fund achieves its maximum potential in supporting the sector.  
All donations will be restricted to the Sport for Good Response Fund to ensure maximum support for those most in need.  For many children and young people globally, the unfortunate truth is that safety is often found in spaces outside of their 德州圈app安卓ios手机版下载homes. During a time in which children do not have access to schools, sports-based activities or a wider support network, this Fund will enable sport for development organisations in the following ways:
Deliver new or adaptive provision to continue to provide support to children and young people during the current pandemic.
Offer financial support to the sports-based programmes globally so that they can withstand the current challenges and help build stronger young people once restrictions are lifted.


We believe in bringing people together and building bridges between communities and individuals. Today we are seeing the importance of this more than ever as the nations of the world co-operate to share understanding and expertise to beat Covid-19.
We have an existing global network of Sport for Development partners, in addition to our eight National Foundation offices, to manage this fund globally and deliver funds locally to those most in need. Together, we can create real social change.
We already operate as a central coordinator for funding, knowledge and awareness between the sport sector, athletes and other funders and the Sport for Development and Community sport organisations.
When the world begins to heal from this current Covid-19 crisis, we believe that this fund will be more necessary than ever as we continue to use Sport as a powerful, trauma-sensitive tool to rebuild our communities and societies together.


As part of the Sport for Good Response Fund, your contribution will support essential services to
Reach those in need:
  • Convert programme activities into online, distance based activities and resources
  • Regular sessions and activities with mentors, educators, psychologists and coaches to support the physical and mental health of children and young people most in need
  • Outreach activities, safely run, to reach and support families, aiming at strengthening the safety of the places where the children and young people spend the time in social isolation
Adapt to new ways:
  • Equip coaches with the resources and training they need to support children and young people remotely
  • Adapting safeguarding policies and protocols to ensure activities in the digital space are as safe and secure as normally run programmes on the pitches and fields, on the courts and tracks, and in the school sports facilities
Invest in the future:
  • Supporting organisations in retaining staff and volunteers through the crisis so that at the end of the tunnel, they can resume activities and continue the critical support to children and young people
  • Helping young people at risk of offending/re-offending or of drifting back into gangs and violence to maintain their course towards more sustainable and legal livelihoods, employment and entrepreneurship